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‘Transitions to Reception’: A Parents’ Forum

The Barna-Bus ‘Parents’ information-sharing and discussion forum on Transitions to Reception’ (1st June 2012) was attended by parent/ carers and early years professionals.  Feedback so far has been extremely positive:

 “Just right, nice and informal with input from attendees being encouraged – which was great”

“Very useful, thank you”

“ I liked the open forum style with other parents”

“ A well thought out and researched presentation”

“Lots of useful information and sharing of hints and tips”

“The book loan resources are a great idea and I found the leaflet very useful”

“Really love the idea of the ‘Pre-School Passport, think its going to be great fun and useful for the Reception Teacher too!”

If you were unable to attend this event and would like information the letter below explains a little more about some aspects. ‘Starting School’ leaflets and copies of the presentation are also available – Please see Hilary if you would like a copy.

Each child who will be starting school in September will have a ‘Pre-School Passport’, which will be passed to their new Reception Teacher before the end of term 6. The idea of the ‘Passport’ is to get up-to-date information about the unique character of each child.  The ‘Passport’ is for the child to add photos, drawings and information all about themselves during the last term of Pre-School.  The ‘Passport’ should travel between home and Pre-School for each family and Key Person to help the child complete.  We hope you enjoy supporting your child to develop their unique ‘Pre-School Passport’.



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