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Area at the front of the pre-school – We need wellies!

You may have noticed some improvements to the area outside the pre-school: although this area (which used to be a public toilet block) is owned by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, parents and staff have been busy doing what they can to make it less unattractive, reconditioning the areas of soil by removing rubble, digging-over, weeding and mulching. All the flowers and shrubs have been donated for free by some very kind benefactors and if you can spare any plants yourself, there is plenty of room to accomodate them. We also hope to make the most of the chain-link fence at the rear, growing climbing plants and giant sunflowers. We would also like each of the children at the pre-school to plant a welly-boot with a flower of their choice, which will then be attached to the fence. We would be very grateful for any donations of unused children’s wellies for this pupose. Please bring them into the pre-school whenever you can. Hopefully, by making improvements where possible, this area will move from eyesore to beautiful, vibrant and welcoming statement.


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