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Attendance/ Absence/ Collection

Although attendance at the pre-school is not compulsory it is expected that if your child is in receipt of funding such as ‘Free for 2’ or free entitlement for three and four year-olds, that they attend for the full session booked.

If your child us unable to attend for any reason, it is important that you contact the pre-school to advise. If the absence is prolonged, ie for more than three consecutive sessions please contact us again. It is possible that your child’s place may be reallocated if we do not receive contact from you for a period of two weeks.

It is worth noting that where the word ‘free’ is used for for funded places for two, three and four year-olds there is no charge to the parent/ carer, but each session and part-session will have to be paid-for through Local Authority Funding. This is a precious source of funding and should be respected as such.


For your child’s safety, it is essential that you communicate directly with the pre-school if a person other than the named carer/ parent is unable to collect your child. This can be done by speaking to your child’s Key Person or Key Person Buddy and completing the Collection Book on the Welcome Station and/ or by contacting the pre-school direct.


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