Spring Poem

Book- Out and about, A first book of poems

By Shirley Hughes

Spring Greens

Bulbs in pots,

Twigs in jars,

Dads in streets, washing cars

Greens in season,

Trees in bud,

Sky in puddles,

Ripples in mud.

Birds in bushes, singing loud.

Sun tucked up in a bed of clouds.

Out and About A First Book of Poems

End of Term fun

Its the last 3 days of term 4 and the children have got a busy few days ahead. Such as making Easter cards through the week, egg and cress sandwiches on Tuesday, decorating eggs and an Easter egg hunt on Wednesdayth8M1BFYVF and much much more.

We hope you all enjoy your Easter break and stay safe and happy.



Easter Activities 21 March 2016

Christmas Fair and Table top sale 9th December 2015 2:30-5-00pm








Christmas fair and table top sale on

Wednesday 9th December 2015

From 2:30-5:00pm


Table £5.00

(First come first serve basis)


Entry 50p per Adult

Contact Amy/Charlotte to reserve a table

Call 01892 616160 or Email- anicholls@barna-bus.co.uk

Pizza Party 23/10/2015

pizzaThe children will be making there own healthy  pizza’s for there morning activity on Friday to enjoy at the pizza party. Yummy!

Green tomato chutney 02/10/2015

ipad pics 2 oct 2015 050We used our home grown tomato’s to make Green tomato chutney.  ipad pics 2 oct 2015 019

Garden Party

Garden Party July 17th

Thanks to everyone who came to join us in opening our new Sensory Room and refurbished garden

Topic of the week 13/9/2015

This week we are reading a book called “Hide and seek”. It’s all about a rainbow fish who makes lots of friends. Just like I hope all our new children will. Also this week we will be looking at all the vegetables we have grown in the garden and turning them into tasty meals.


Welcome to all our new joiners, and their parents and carers, at the start of our new term last week. We are really pleased at how everyone is settling in already.

Garden Party – July 17th 3-5pm

We’re having a Garden Party to end the year with a bang and to show off the improvements in our outdoor play area. All members of our local community are invited to join staff, committee, families and carers. The party will be at the Barna-Bus from 3-5pm.